Bangor Trailer Security Marking Event Helps to Deter Theft

Monday 24th February 2020

Another successful trailer security marking event was held in Bangor on Saturday 22 February, giving trailer and horsebox owners the opportunity to protect their property and deter trailer theft in Ards and North Down.

Trailers and Horseboxes were security marked in Bangor

This was the latest in a series of security marking events organised by Ards and North Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). Trailers were marked by Police for free and owners had the opportunity to sign up to other local initiatives such as Farm Watch and Text Alert.

Trailers and horseboxes can be quick and easy to steal but security marking acts as a deterrent by ensuring that the rightful owners can be traced easily. The security mark is unique to each owner and consists of letters and numbers which are painted in a clearly visible area of the trailer using specialist paint. These details are then stored on a database which can be used to recover stolen items to its rightful owner.

Speaking after the event, the Chair of Ards and North Down PCSP, Councillor Nigel Edmund, said:

“Trailers and other equipment are vulnerable to theft and can be harder to recover than standard vehicles. Any steps that we can take to help prevent crime in the first place or to make it easier to recover stolen property should be welcomed.”

Additional trailer security marking events will be held across the borough during the course of the year. For further information, contact Ards and North Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership on 028 9182 4070 or email