Food control

The aim of food control is to ensure the safe production and sale of food within the Borough, reduce the possibility of food borne illness and protect the consumer with regard to composition and labeling of food.

Council officers ensure that food premises comply with food safety legislation.  Advice and information is also provided to people who are involved in the preparation, production and sale of food.

Specifically food officers will:

  • inspect and risk assess all food premises within the Borough 
  • control licensed street traders who supply foodstuffs 
  • obtain food samples for bacteriological examination and chemical analysis, deal with food complaints and investigate cases of food poisoning
  • educate food handlers, the general public and school/college students
  • organise or take part in exhibitions and displays and promote healthy eating 
  • inspect food-manufacturing plants acting as home authority where appropriate 
  • offer advice on assured safe catering to the business community (free of charge) but take appropriate enforcement action where there are contravention's of food hygiene legislation 
  • ensure that all unsound food is disposed of effectively 
  • monitor and test microwave ovens in food premises 
  • regularly carry out temperature control exercises on food stored and prepared for human consumption
  • infectious disease control 

Duties include the investigation of the source of infectious diseases and their control, in order to prevent spread throughout the community.  Investigations may be associated with food borne illness or other sources, for example, diseases of animal origin, or associated with foreign travel.

Download the annual Food Service Plan for Ards and North Down

Food Service Plan 2016/17

Food Service Plan 2017/18