BRCD Pillars of Investment

The ambitions for inclusive growth will be delivered through the following pillars of investment: 

Innovation and Digital

Achieving world leading competitive advantage in key sectors: building our innovation and digital capability - facilitating invention, commercialisation and widespread adoption as a driver of economic prosperity and increased well-being. Read more at Building our Digital and Innovation Capability | Ards and North Down Borough Council

Tourism and Regeneration 

Boosting tourism and regenerating our region – creating world-class visitor attractions and investing in towns and cities to provide a year-round destination that will provide stand out in international markets. Read more at Boosting Tourism and Regenerating Our Region | Ards and North Down Borough Council


Connecting people to opportunity and services through enhanced and sustainable infrastructure. Read more at Infrastructure: Connecting Our Region | Ards and North Down Borough Council

Employability and Skills 

Putting in place arrangements to enable a constant pipeline of talent to support the growth created by the BRCD investments and ensure that the right skills are available within the region to support the emerging job opportunities. The BRCD partners will deliver upon its inclusive growth and sustainability commitments by:  

  • Ensuring our projects integrate and deliver upon these commitments into their design, development and delivery;  
  • Delivering the BRCD Employability and Skills Programme; and 
  • Using policy levers to integrate inclusive, sustainable growth, for example by integrating social value within procurement processes etc. 

Read more at Employability and Skills | Ards and North Down Borough Council

BRCD partners fully support other City/Growth Deals across Northern Ireland and will work collaboratively to maximise the complementary of these investments.