View the Bangor Waterfront brochure (pdf)

Council approved the outline business case for Bangor Waterfront in January 2021 and it was then submitted to Belfast Region City Deal for consideration.  Council Officers were invited to present the business case to the Department for Communities Casework Committee in November 2021. 

It is anticipated that confirmation of Belfast Region City Deal’s financial contribution will be received in early 2022. 

This will allow us to procure an integrated project design team, a very significant piece of work that is likely to be ongoing throughout 2022.   

We will then be in a position in 2022 to progress full business cases for each of the five key projects.  This will include the development of detailed designs and securing planning approvals.  Council has given a commitment to undertake public consultation during this process.  Once we have a more detailed timeline, opportunities to engage will be publicised and we would welcome everyone with an interest in their scheme to become involved.

Subject to financial/ project approvals and planning permission, work ‘on the ground’ will begin in 2023 (phased) with the projects delivered over 8-10 year period. 

The Bangor Waterfront Scheme – seamlessly connecting our waterfront to our town and creating unique opportunities for residents, visitors and businesses alike.