Benefits of Regeneration

The reason for progressing these ambitious plans is to deliver benefits for Bangor and the people who live there.

The programme will achieve significant outcomes for the city and the wider Borough, including an additional 489 jobs, increasing visitor numbers by 100,000 each year and increasing GVA by £110m, as well as providing environmental and health and wellbeing benefits. 

Other benefits will include:

  • New commercial opportunities
  • Extension of the tourism season with more attractions suitable for wet/winter conditions
  • Sustainable development that will improve the environment and promote wellbeing for residents
  • Improved image and perceptions of Bangor
  • Opportunities for the wider Borough. Bangor is our largest town. The more visitors that choose to visit it, the more opportunities we have to invite and encourage them to explore further – along our coastline in particular.

The Bangor Waterfront Redevelopment – seamlessly connecting our waterfront to our town and creating unique opportunities for residents, visitors and businesses alike.