Bangor Marina is the largest 5-star marina on the Island of Ireland and attracts a considerable amount of vessels.

Some of its infrastructure is critical to safe and effective operations and cannot be moved, however a level of redesign will enable us to increase the number of seafaring visitors to Bangor and to open up the space, making it easier for people to enjoy the sea views.

Our proposals recommend redeveloping Bregenz House as a mixed-use development in a new cluster with iconic and high-quality architecture.

The redesign will include additional public access with dropped boardwalks, seating and viewing areas and the opportunity for cafés/ restaurants integrated into the Marina.

There is also an opportunity to integrate with the plans for the private sector-led Queen’s Parade development, to create a new marine gardens with formal and informal spaces for events and activities, further supporting the leisure and creative sectors within Bangor.

A labelled map of Bangor Marina detailing proposed improvements to the area.

 Image shows Löyly, a public sauna, restaurant and bar in Hernesaari, Helsinki, Finland. Image used for illustrative purposes only. Image shows an example coffee dock made from shipping containers for illustrative purposes.

Please note: images used are for illustration purposes only.