Bangor Waterfront

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Ards and North Down Borough Council is progressing ambitious plans to redevelop a 2.2 mile stretch of the seafront to help establish Bangor as a thriving town and prime visitor attraction in Northern Ireland.

The Bangor Waterfront Development is just one of a number of exciting tourism-led regeneration schemes eligible to receive funding from the Belfast Region City Deal.  Circa £40M is available for the development via this bespoke package of funding from Westminster, with the remaining investment coming from both the Council (approximately £20M) and the private sector (approximately £4M).

In securing and investing this money, the Council’s ultimate aim is to help deliver on the vision for Bangor agreed by a range of local stakeholders in 2018.  Full details of these discussions can be read in our Bangor Identity Framework document but in summary these stakeholders committed to the below vision for Bangor.

Our vision is to seamlessly connect the waterfront to the rest of the town and, in so doing, provide a unique range of opportunities for residents and visitors to have their lives and businesses enriched by a mix of public spaces, creative events, activities, attractions and experiences that speak of local stories to a global audience.  

In August 2019 the Council appointed AECOM as the consultants to lead on the delivery of this project and to deliver on this vision. AECOM offers a multidisciplinary team approach with specialisms in master planning, public realm design, transport, engineering and sustainability services; as well as creative input from Hemingway Design, who have an impressive track record in coastal regeneration.

Working with the Council, AECOM undertook a very significant amount of consultation to really understand the qualities that make Bangor special and local people’s hopes for the future of the waterfront. Read more about this process and the findings here Survey findings pdf.

The reason for progressing these ambitious plans is to deliver benefits for Bangor and the people who live there.

These will include:

  • The creation of direct and indirect jobs
  • New commercial opportunities
  • Additional visitors/ footfall 
  • Extension of the tourism season with more attractions suitable for wet/winter conditions
  • Sustainable development that will improve the environment and promote wellbeing for residents
  • Improved image and perceptions of Bangor
  • Opportunities for the wider Borough. Bangor is our largest town. The more visitors that chose to visit it, the more opportunities we have to invite and encourage them to explore further – along our coastline in particular.

Key Projects 



We are sharing these proposals at this time because we are submitting them to the Belfast Region City Deal for consideration in October.

We hope to have confirmation of Belfast Region City Deal’s financial contribution by the end of 2020.

This will allow us, during 2021/22, to develop full business cases for each of the five key projects.

This will include the development of detailed designs, securing planning approval and further public consultation.

Subject to financial/project approvals and planning permission, work ‘on the ground’ will begin in 2023 (phased) with the projects delivered over a 5-7 year period.

‘Bangor by the Sea’ where public spaces, creative events, activities, attractions and experiences speak of local stories to a global audience.

View the Bangor Waterfront brochure (pdf)

Wayne Hemmingway discusses the exciting plans for Bangor Waterfront in the short video below, please click on the image to view.

Alternatively, view this video on our YouTube Channel here

Image of Wayne Hemmingway to camera as he talks about plans for Bangor Waterfront

Follow the journey at:

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