Bangor Regeneration

Bangor is a city with an exciting future.  It was awarded city status as part of HM Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubillee celebration in 2021 - Read more City Status.  

The City has secured dual investments totalling over £124M, that will enable the city to embark on its most exciting and ambitious regeneration journey for many years.

Those who live in, or enjoy visiting, Bangor hold fond memories of the holiday hotspot it was in years past; but also see the early stirring of the welcoming, vibrant, cultural, wonderful place it has the potential to become.

With its arts and music offering, quality foodie experiences and growing reputation for water-based activities that appeal to all ages, Bangor is bringing together all the building blocks that will enable it to reinvent itself as a city for leisure, culture, health and wellbeing.

There are a number of catalysts to take this forward; collectively they will deliver new attractions, accommodations, commercial and job opportunities and environmental improvements. Add to this a huge injection of vibrancy, arts, culture, food and music, and Bangor will emerge as a city where people, especially families, can flourish and prosper, making Bangor a ‘destination of choice’ to live, work, study and invest in.