Flag Flying Protocol: Death of the Monarch

The following protocol is followed in relation to flag flying upon the death of The Monarch. 

Upon the formal announcement of death, flags (see list below) will be lowered to half-mast. 
Flags will return to full mast when the Proclamation of the new King takes place at St James Palace (Saturday 10 September 2022).  Flags will remain at full mast until 1pm on the day when Proclamations take place in the Nations (Sunday 11 September 2022).
After 1pm all flags will be returned to half-mast except for the flag at the Town Hall in Bangor, which must remain at full-mast until the conclusion of the local Proclamation. It will then be returned to half-mast.
Flags will remain at half-mast until the end of the mourning period.  At this point normal practice resumes and only flags that fly 365 days are returned to full-mast.

Union Flag flown permanently (i.e. 365/6 days a year) on Council maintained land or premises/Designated Days Union Flag at War Memorials
Castle Park, Bangor Bangor War Memorial
Church Street, Newtownards   Newtownards War Memorial
Conway Square, Newtownards (Beside Blair Mayne Memorial) Holywood War Memorial
The Maypole, Holywood Comber War Memorial
Queen’s Hall, Holywood Ballygowan War Memorial
The Moat, Donaghadee Groomsport War Memorial
  Donaghadee War Memorial
  Millisle War Memorial
  Ballywalter War Memorial
  Ballyhalbert War Memorial
  Portavogie War Memorial
  Cloughey War Memorial
  Greyabbey War Memorial