Food Destination Development Plan 2023 - 2027

Ards and North Down Borough Council has launched its second Food Destination Development Plan, running in line with the term of Council, through the period 2023-2027.

The plan, which will be delivered over the next four years, has been developed in collaboration with the vital input of the Taste AND Food and Drink Network alongside local and national food and drink stakeholders.

At its core, the aim is to see Ards and North Down positioned as a premier food and drink destination on the island of Ireland. This with the aim of attracting more visitors to the area, whilst supporting the development of the local food and drink sector from producers to eateries, retailers and markets to distilleries, events and experience providers.

Building on the area’s strong credentials in food and drink, which have survived a turbulent few years and highlighted the resilience of the sector during the term of the initial food and drink plan, the next four years aim to deliver on 13 key outputs, listed within the plan to achieve its goals. 

The summary document can be read at the link below.

ANDBC - Food and Drink Destination Plan -(