Estates Strategy

Overview: Ards and North Down Borough Council’s Estates Strategy

Ards and North Down Borough is progressing its positive transformation agenda.

In line with our corporate ambitions and feedback we have received through consultation with residents and stakeholders, we are focused upon priorities that include People and Communities, Economic Regeneration and Tourism, the Environment and providing our services as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To help deliver on these priorities, it is essential that the Council takes an active approach to effectively managing its Land and Property assets.

The Council presides over Land and Property assets of circa £225M and is committed to ensuring the most effective use of these assets for the benefit of the Borough.

For this reason, we have developed an ‘Estate Strategy for Ards and North Down Borough Council’. This strategy provides a set of guiding principles that will help prioritise decision-making processes for the Council in relation to our estate management.

The strategy, as with all strategy development, sets a broad direction for management activities over the medium to long term.  Therefore, it does not indicate any specific action or decision on any specific item of land or property owned by the Council.  Any decisions regarding any specific item will be subject to the normal Council scrutiny and processes.

The strategy is aligned to the Council’s Corporate Plan and Community Plan (Big Plan). The Strategy is broken down into 5 parts:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Where we are – a baseline assessment
Part 3: Building a Strategy for going forward
Part 4: How we plan to get there
Part 5: Overarching recommendations

The Council is committed to progressing this strategy for the benefit to the whole Borough.

The development of this strategy is another example of where the Council is evidencing good corporate governance and social responsibility. The strategy can be downloaded below in PDF format.