Corporate Plan 2020-24



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Our corporate plan sets out our priorities and the work we will do to improve the quality of life for everyone in Ards and North Down.

Our priorities are closely aligned to those within the Big Plan, the community plan for Ards and North Down, which sets out a long-term vision for Council, local organisations and communities to work towards and which we see as critical to the future success of our Borough. In the delivery of this corporate plan, we will seek to achieve better outcomes for all the people of our Borough, towards the longer-term vision outlined in the Big Plan.

We want to see sustainable progress on our priorities, innovation in our services and greater partnership with our residents and other organisations. We look forward to the journey ahead.

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Stephen Reid, Chief Executive

Growing Better Together 

Our Vision: Ards and North Down is a vibrant, connected, healthy, safe and prosperous place to be

Our Outcomes: All people in Ards and North Down will:

  • Fulfill their lifelong potential

  • Enjoy good health and wellbeing

  • Live in communities where they are respected, are safe and feel secure

  • Benefit from a prosperous economy 

  • Feel pride from having access to a well-managed sustainable environment 

Our Focus:

Growing: Progressing towards sustainable outcomes

Better: Improving our services and functions

Together: Working in partnership with statutory bodies, businesses, the community sector and residents

Our Values: We uphold the following values:

Progression | Respect | Integrity | Delivery | Excellence

Measure Our Performance: A combination of indicators, performance measures and feedback from our stakeholders will show if we are progressing towards our outcomes and making a difference via our priorities.

Your opinion matters and you will continue to hold us to account on our performance.

Summary of Our Corporate Plan: Our PEOPLE Focused Priorities

Prosperity: To enable all people in Ards and North Down to benefit from a prosperous economy we will create the conditions for businesses to start, grow, thrive, provide opportunities for employment and be sustainable.

Environment: To enable all people in Ards and North Down to feel pride from having access to a well-managed, sustainable environment we will provide a clean, attractive and environmentally friendly responsible place.

Opportunity: To enable all people in Ards and North Down to fulfil their lifelong potential we will work with partners to build the capacity of our residents, young and old.

Pride: To enable all people in Ards and North Down to live in communities where they are respected, are safe and feel secure we will work in partnership with our communities.

Life: To enable all people in Ards and north Down to enjoy good health and wellbeing we will support the physical and mental wellbeing of our residents through access to services, facilities and partnerships.

Excellence: To enable us to deliver the first five of our PEOPLE priorities we must be an effective, efficient and forward-thinking organisation. Excellence requires us to be innovative and partner with others to make sustainable choices that make a positive difference to everyone who has a stake in the Ards and North Down area.

Council KPIs relating to each of our Priorities can be viewed within the Corporate Plan 2020-24 document.

Statutory Indicators

In addtion to Council KPIs we must deliver on a number of Statutory Indicators set by the Department for Communities for planning, Economic Development and Waste which can be viewed below:

  2020/21 2019/20 2018/19 2017/18 2016/17 2015/16
Municipal Waste            
Household waste preparing for reuse, dry recycling and composting  as a % of household waste arisings Not yet available 54.7 53.2 52.1 49.2 40.4
Amount (tonnage) of biodegradable waste that is landfilled (Northern Ireland Landfill Allowances Scheme – NILAS, Annual statutory target) Not yet available 15762 19141 18869 20593 27484
Amount (tonnage) of Local Authority Collected Municipal Waste Arisings Not yet available 86702 87338 89749 94949 99770
Economic Development             
Number of jobs created through business start-up activity 101 105 111 92 138 125
The average processing time of major planning applications  57 97 151 53 37.6 51.8
The average processing time of local planning applications 17 15.8 15.6 17.2 20.2 21.2
The percentage of enforcement cases processed within 39 weeks 62 81.1 76.9 73.4 77.7 82

* It should be noted that Enforcement was suspended from April 2020 until start of 2021 with the exception of Priority 1 cases (as set out in the Enforcement Strategy and those approaching immunity) when resources were reallocated to Development Management, which resulted in the Council falling below the 70% target conclusion target.

Local applications targets were missed given the difficult circumstances regarding WfH and only having restricted access to the office on a rota basis and the fact that we were unable to hold Committee meetings until 16 June 2020 once the Regulations were introduced.


Making it Happen

Our plan will be used to guide our priorities, decisions and investments over the next four years, but the vision and outcomes of the document are long-term aspirations that extend beyond 2024. To achieve them we will need to work in partnership with other public bodies, businesses, the community sector and very importantly with our residents.

The Corporate Plan will be supported by actions set out in Service Plans and the performance Improvement Plan (PIP). Service plans and the PIP are reviewed quarterly by Elected Members to assess the progress made against planned actions and to consider what future actions should be planned.

The Council's Service Plans set out a clear direction for individual service areas View Council Service Plans

View Council's Performance Improvement Plan

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There are lots of ways for you to engage with us throughout the year and we rely on feedback from the public to ensure that we prioritise and invest in the right things.

We communicate with you via our Borough Magazine, events guides, our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also publicise information related to Council in our local newspapers.

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