Candidate Spending

Candidates and their agents at a Local Government Election must follow certain rules about how much they spend campaigning, who they accept donations from and what they must report after the election.

The Electoral Commission issues guidance on these rules which includes information on:

  • how much you can spend, the activities covered by the rules and what information needs to be recorded
  • the rules on donations, how to check if you can accept them and what records you must keep
  • how to report your campaign spending and donations after the election.

The Electoral Commission guidance can be viewed here.  You should read the guidance, so that you are aware of the rules and comply with your legal and regulatory obligations.  The guidance reflects the current rules.

Full link to guidance:

The Local Council Election 18 May 2023 Electorate for Candidates Expenses will be published shortly.

The guidance notes and forms for completion can be downloaded below.