Part 1:  Summary, Explanation and Articles of the Constitution

Article 1:  The powers of the Council and the purpose of the constitution 

Article 2:  The composition of the Council, the roles and functions of all Councillors, conduct and the scheme of allowances payable

Article 3:  The rights and responsibilities of citizens 

Article 4:  The policy and budget framework within which the Council operates, the functions of the Council and responsibility for functions 

Article 5:  The role of the Chairperson/Mayor 

Article 6:  Details of the decision-making structure adopted by the Council 

Article 7:  Details on the executive arrangements operated by the Council 

Article 8:  Details on how the Council’s overview and scrutiny arrangements will operate 

Article 9:  The arrangements adopted by the Council for the discharge of functions by committees 

Article 10:  The operation of any joint committee’s 

Article 11:  The Council’s management structure, the functions of chief officers, conduct and employment 

Article 12:  Responsibility for decision-making, principles of decision-making, the role of the Council and committees 

Article 13:  The Council’s arrangements for the conduct of its financial matters, the making of contracts and the handling of legal matters 

Article 14:  The arrangements for the review and revision of the constitution 

Article 15:  Matters relating to the suspension of the constitution, its interpretation and publication.