Equality Impact Assessment

Equality Impact Assessment on name of replacement Ards Leisure Centre.

Council recently agreed to name the replacement Ards Leisure Centre facilities, Ards Blair Mayne Wellbeing and Leisure Complex. The decision is subject to the outcome of an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA), which is required under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

As part of the EQIA process, Council is required to carry out a formal consultation process with a broad range of stakeholders (including employees and users of the facility) to ascertain opinions on whether the above decision may have, or has the potential to have, an adverse impact on any of the Section 75 categories.

To ensure it is a meaningful and transparent consultation we want to engage with as many stakeholders as possible and so meetings have been arranged for the public at Ards Leisure Centre at the following times:

Monday 26 February 2018 2pm – 3pm

Wednesday 28 February 7pm - 8pm.

We are also seeking the views via a questionnaire is available here. Hard copies can be obtained by calling 0300 013 3333 from Monday 12 February 2018. We would be grateful if you could take time to complete this as your responses will help inform the EQIA outcome.  The consultation exercise will run for 12 weeks. We would really value everyone’s input to this important exercise.