Citizen Services for Newtownards

The Council is exploring options for the development of ‘Citizen Services’ in Newtownards that would make it easier for residents and visitors to access a range of Council facilities in modern and accessible town centre location(s).  These services would include Planning, Building Control, Registration - Births, Deaths and Marriages, Arts, Heritage, Community Hall/ Performance, Visitor Information Centre. 

The proposals consider the reconfiguration of the Town Hall in Conway Square, West Street/ Regent Street, redevelopment of the Queen’s Hall retaining links with a proposed expanded library.

Part of the information gathering involves asking residents about their use of existing Council facilities in Newtownards, as well as exploring improvements that could be made to the facilities in the future. 

An online survey is now open for all residents to share their views.  It takes less than 10 minutes to complete.  We welcome people taking part in the survey and greatly appreciate all responses. 

The survey is available via the link below and will be open until Friday 10th December 2021.

Complete the Newtownards Citizen Hub Resident Survey here                   

If you are a regular user of either the Queen’s Hall, Ards Arts Centre/ Town Hall or the Visitor Information Centre, you can complete a survey specific to that building.  The appropriate survey is available via the following links and will be open until Friday 10th December 2021.