Complaints to the council

Ards and North Down Council has a complaints procedure to deal with complaints about council services. If you complain about something the council is responsible for, the council will investigate and respond to your complaint.

​Definition of Complaint

 An expression of dissatisfaction by one or more members of the public about the Council’s action or lack of action, or about the standard of service provided by or on behalf of the Council

How to complain to the council

You can send a written complaint or make a complaint by telephone to the council offices in Bangor or Newtownards. The council's complaints procedure explains different stages in making a complaint and what to do if you are not satisfied with the council's response. 

Telephone:  0300 013 3333 


If your complaint is in writing, or you ask for a written reply, a reply will be sent to you within ten working days of us receiving your initial complaint, except for Planning Service which operate a 15 working day response to written or verbal complaints.

How the council deals with complaints

The council will investigate your complaint. Depending on how straightforward, serious or complicated the complaint,  the council will contact you with an answer or a decision about a complaint, or ask you for more information. The complaints procedure explains how long it can take the council to resolve complaints.