Council meetings April 2017-December 2017

Council meetings from April 2017 until December 2017 are listed on this page. Meetings begin at 7pm in the Town Hall, Bangor. An audio recording of each monthly meeting is available the day after the meeting.

Date Meeting Agenda/audio recording/minutes
Wednesday 26 April  Council

Download April Agenda
Listen to the April meeting
Download April minutes

Wednesday 31 May  Council

Download May Agenda
Listen to the May meeting
Download May minutes

Wednesday 7 June AGM Listen to the June AGM meeting
Wednesday 28 June  Council

Download June Agenda
Listen to the June meeting
Download June minutes

Thursday 6 July Special Council Meeting Listen to the July Special Council meeting
Wednesday 26 July Council

Download July Agenda
Please note there is no recording available of the Council meeting held on 26 July 2017,
due to a technical error.  Minutes of the meeting will be added to the website
in due course. 
Download July minutes

Wednesday 30 August Council

Download August Agenda
Listen to the August meeting
Download August minutes

Wednesday 27 September Council

Download September Agenda
Listen to the September meeting
Download September minutes

Wednesday 25 October  Council

Download October Agenda
Listen to the October meeting
Download October minutes

Wednesday 29 November Council

Download November Agenda
Listen to the November meeting
Download November minutes

Monday 18 December Council

Download December Agenda
Listen to the December meeting
Download December minutes