Building control application forms  

Anyone intending to carry out work that requires Building Regulations approval needs to submit either a full plans application or a building notice application, together with the appropriate fee, before starting work. Building notice applications may only be accepted for minor work to domestic property, including extensions with floor areas not exceeding 10m2. Building notice applications may not be used for roofspace conversions.  


Our Building Control service offers a limited pre-submission consultation service. This allows agents to submit questions in relation to their proposals, and aims to assist designers by giving early clarification about the likely acceptability of unusual aspects of a design with regard to means of escape, access for people with disabilities and other issues. Pre-submission enquiries generally need to be accompanied by drawings and specific questions. Such enquiries will not lead to a full assessment of the scheme; this can only be carried out on the receipt of a valid application.  

Online Applications  

To make an online building notice application to Building Control for (small domestic works and extensions less than 10m2) use the Council Direct portal

Building notice   

The building notice procedure allows work to be carried out without submitting full plans.  It can be used for the following:   

  • small extensions of domestic properties up to 10m2.   
  • alterations of domestic properties.   
  • provision of services or the installation of fittings in connection with the above.   
  • changing of use of an industrial or commercial building to domestic use.   

You cannot use a building notice for:   

  • industrial or commercial buildings   
  • erection of houses, flats and maisonettes or roofspace conversions with a floor area over 3m2   

If the building notice route is chosen, you need to submit:   

Full plans     

We are unable to take online submissions for full plans applications. 

When making a full plans application, you need to submit:   


This is a procedure, which may enable certification of unauthorised work that was completed without the plans and notices required by Building Regulations. Such work often comes to light during the sale of a property when the owner is asked to produce evidence of approvals.  

The Council may only issue a Regularisation Completion Certificate after it has been demonstrated that the work complies with the building regulations that were applicable at the time when it was completed.

It is up to the applicant to demonstrate that the work is satisfactory, or to have remedial work carried out to make the work comply. It can be requested for domestic, industrial, or commercial work.   

If you are applying for a regularisation certificate, you need to submit:   

Application forms   

You can download application form below or collect them from our offices at the City Hall, Bangor Castle or Church Street, Newtownards. Please note, this form cannot be completed online. We can also post or email a form on request.  

Assistance with application forms  

If you require any assistance with making an application, please contact us:  

Telephone 028 9127 8015.