Keep your blue bin happy

Friday 21st April 2017

Recycle more to save another £1M

Mayor Girvan with Cllr John Barry in blue bin

Keep your #bluebinhappy - recycle more to save another £1M 


Ards and North Down Borough Council is encouraging residents to get on board with changes to the way that they recycle their household waste.

Last year, everyone in Ards and North Down made a HUGE difference to our environment by recycling an incredible 133% more food waste in their green and brown bins.  Not to mention saving a whopping £1M in landfill taxes that Ards and North Down Borough Council was able to use to protect and enhance a wide range of key services. While at the same time keeping a lid on rates bills.

We’ve done it before and we believe that by working together, we can do it again!  This time by focusing on using our blue bins and commencing kerbside recycling of glass, we aim to save another £1M in landfill tax. 

There will be lots of different ways that you can get involved over the next few months.  Now the focus is on making your blue bin happy with even more items than ever before just waiting to be recycled.  Here’s a snapshot of what items now go in your blue bin:

  • Plastic bottles – all shapes, sizes and colours. 
  • Plastic tubs, trays and containers – all shapes sizes and colours.
  • Drinks and other food ‘cartons’ – e.g. juice, milk, sauce, custard cartons.
  • Clean tin foil and aluminium food dishes.
  • Paper – newspaper & magazines, ‘junk mail’, envelopes (remove plastic windows), office paper, catalogues and telephone books
  • Card and cardboard – cereal boxes, egg boxes, corrugated cardboard delivery/storage boxes, card sleeves from around food and other consumer goods, greeting cards, postcards.
  • Metal food and drinks cans – all types, all shapes and sizes.
  • Metal aerosol cans – all types, all shapes and sizes.

For the full range of materials (over 250 branded and unbranded items) download the free ‘bin-ovation’ app.

Please don’t make your grey bin sad by feeding it items that are recyclable through the blue bin.  Disposal of the following is now no longer permitted in your grey bin:

  • glass bottles and jars
  • recyclable paper and card
  • recyclable plastics
  • metal cans and canisters

Also over the next 8 weeks, every household in Ards and North Down will receive a brand new glass recycling collection box and a durable long-life blue bin recycling sack.  Householders’ next roll of kitchen food waste caddy liners will also be included in the delivery. An accompanying leaflet will explain what residents should do with the items they receive.  A further letter will follow, along with a new bin collection calendar and recycling guide.

The long-life recycling sack can be used to store and transport waste items for your blue bin, starting now!

The collection box will be used for glass recycling collections due to start in a few months.  So residents should store their box in a safe place for now.  If you want to recycle your glass straight away please use the bottle banks throughout the borough.

Mayor of Ards and North Down, Alderman Deborah Girvan, has hailed this next chapter in our recycling revolution as essential to the progress of the borough. She said:

“With over 80% of everything we discard in our homes now being recyclable by simply placing them in the correct bin, we simply can’t afford to keep wasting our hard earned income on landfill tax.  We cannot continue to spoil the environment through avoidable landfilling of valuable resource materials.  Our residents have been fantastic at getting on board with the changes to food waste recycling. By making more simple changes - this time how we dispose of  dry recyclables and glass -  I am confident that we can to make Ards and North Down top of the recycling league table!”

You can find out more by:

  • downloading our free recycling information app, ‘Bin-ovation’;
  • ‘liking’ us on Facebook (keep an eye out for competitions!);
  • emailing;
  • calling us on 0300 013 3333 (select option 3 – ‘recycling’).